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Cashmere textile is soft and fine wool that is retrieved from Kashmir goat. It is very soft, light, and fine compared to other wool. It is considered the most luxurious and pricey natural textile around the world off the shoulder sweater. Scotland is undoubtedly the best producer of this natural textile in the world 

This is the most sought-after natural textile for making sweaters, coats, jumpers, and scarfs. It is 3-8 times more insulating than sheep wool hence a wardrobe necessity during cold weather. The yarn keeps you warm enough and not hot like other fabrics. It is very expensive than regular wool due to its quality. A luxury and quality cashmere sweater costs an average of 3000-200000 Kenyan shillings. The high purchase price is due to how intense and time-consuming the process of creating it is. When well taken care of a cashmere sweater can last between 30 years and a whole lifetime. It is known as the most long-lasting fiber In the world. 

     Cashmere sweaters for women 

The rainy season came earlier than anticipated for this season, this has created a need for more sweaters and jumpers. This however is not a reason to look unkempt and dressed in a less presentable manner. The need for good quality and long-lasting textile will always be in the market. These sweaters can be worn at home in a relaxed manner or outside when catching up over a cup of coffee with friends 

Some of the best-selling sweaters for women include  

 The roll neck jumper 

 Nan high neck ribbed sweater 

 Wool and cashmere-blend sweater 

 Class V neck sweater 

 Zip front batwing jumper 

These women’s sweaters are typically smaller and shapely. This does not restrict fashion enthusiasts from trying out different designs that are mainly worn by men. These textiles are found in major online stores across the globe and can be shipped as per the owner’s request. Some of these stores are based all across the globe. 

     Cashmere sweaters for Men 

Men also love this valuable piece of fabric in their closets. Some of the best-selling pieces for men include  

 Crow neck long sleeve sweater 

 Turtleneck long sleeve sweater 

 V Neck sweaters 

 Recycled cashmere sweaters 

 Everyday crow neck sweater  

 Cable Crew Neck Sweater  

     How to maintain a cashmere sweater 

It is highly recommended to be hand washed or professionally cleaned at the dry cleaners 

For hand washing, wash them inside out, add a soft detergent. Soak 5 minutes before washing, gently squeeze and rinse first with warm water then cold water. Add a fabric softener to your liking. Drain off the excess water by placing the fabric between two towels. Dry the fabric on a flat surface, avoid hanging as this will misshape the knit and cause irreversible damage 

     How to store cashmere sweaters 

Store it only when clean to avoid insects and bugs from destroying it 

Fold in a re-usable bag to repel insects 

Wear the sweater in breaks. Avoid wearing it continuously as it may be damaged due to constant cleaning 

 Wash it separately. The aim of this is to avoid friction with other fabrics that are heavier or lighter hence damage 

 Brush down 

This fashion has been in existence for ages before and is sure to stay for a long time with us due to its quality. When maintained in the right way, you might pass it down to your kids when still in good shape. There are so many ways to style this textile, you just have to be daring and go for it. This is an investment that is worth every coin spent on it.