Challenges Facing Bed Bug Extermination Efforts

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Bed bugs are a rising situation affecting many people. As a result, many extermination firms are trying to find an effective way of dealing with them. These pests are also very difficult to control. There are various challenges facing their extermination. A few of them are listed below. 

One of the greatest factor that contributes to the bedbug control not being effective is that the many pesticides being sold are highly ineffective. Chemicals such as DDT and Malathion which were being used a long time ago were highly effective due to their long-term residual properties, but they are no longer available to us. The chemicals available today lack the residual effect needed to deal with these pests. Therefore, although getting rid of them is possible, it usually happens after many efforts. 

Clutter is probably one of the biggest obstacle when it comes to controlling bed bugs. Closets filled with belongings, items stored under beds or furniture, piles of clothes etc. all provide comfortable living areas for any kind of pests. Apart from that, areas that cannot be controlled by the exterminator are created. And on top of that, the more there is, the longer the extermination process will take. Therefore, clutter should be avoided in order to ensure effective control.  

Another challenge is the fact that there are numerous cons parading as pest exterminators. These fraudsters all have the aim of conning customers. This is the reason as to why before choosing an extermination firm, a background check should be done. The firm chosen should also have all the necessary credentials, in order to verify their legibility. Asking for recommendations can also help identify firms with good reputations. 

Some home owners are ashamed of admitting that their areas of residence are infested with bed bugs. This is a huge challenge since it promotes their spread. Instead of calling professional exterminators, they prefer to deal with them using home remedies which are highly ineffective. They tend to think that they are brought about due to dirty living areas. However, this is not the case, these pests can be found anywhere as long as there is presence of human living. Therefore, those being faced with this issue are advised to seek professional help.  

Lastly, some people view control methods as dangerous. They are reluctant to seek professional help. This is due to fear of these chemicals being dangerous to human health. However, all these chemicals are thoroughly tested and cleared before being released into the market for use. In addition to that, some companies are even developing green chemicals that are not only environmental friendly, but are also less costly.  

All in all, bed bugs are a serious issue that is on the rise click here to kill bed bugs Therefore, people living in infested areas should find a way to deal with the above challenges and others that may occur in order to effectively deal with these pests.