How can a smile impact the others

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Back in Florida ahead of Hurricane Wilma, I asked my teenage son what he thought I should write about this time and he said ‘doughnuts’. I explained that though I found the subject an intriguing one (my mind immediately leaps to the way I could link this into an intriguing piece), it really needed to be more relevant to what I do, not what he’d love to be doing! So his suggestion was ‘Smiling’.

I dismissed this until I remembered that while I was working on the module of my now the subject of grinning had developed. It was in the context of self-confidence and how to create it, in this case by meeting individuals with a smile and a friendly manner so as to interest and engage them. By asking individuals about themselves and really listening to their replies with a grin, not only will they feel comfortable and pleased to be about you, but your confidence will grow with every encounter. You’ll be remembered as much for your grin as everything you do and who you are. As long as the smile is real and you utilize eye-contact you will come across as friendly and approachable — and positive. Smiling is a powerful tool.

I couldn’t leave it there, so did a search on Google and came up with the following:

More facts about smiling

• A smile is a universal expression of happiness and known as such by all cultures

• A smile is the most frequently used expression. It takes as numerous as all 53 to grin and as few as five pairs of facial muscles

• Regardless of the exact number of muscles used, grinning causes muscles extend and to contract than frowning

• Smiling releases endorphins and makes us feel better

• Even ‘faking’ a grin to feeling happier, May Lead

• People are born with the ability to grin (They do not replicate the expression, even infants That Are born blind, smile)

• Babies book special smiles (Duchenne smiles of joy and happiness) for their loved ones

• A newborn shows a taste for a grinning face on a non-smiling confront

• Women smile more than men

• Younger folks smile more than older folks. American men with testosterone grin least of all.

• There are 18 Distinct kinds of grin used in an Assortment of social situations

• Human beings can differentiate between the’felt’ (Duchenne) smile (of joy and happiness) and the societal grin –‘it’s in the eyes’ (literally)

• A smiling man is judged to be sociable, attractive, honest, more pleasant, and capable than a person that is non-smiling

• A person who studies laughter is called a ‘gelotologist’

Can grinning help forward to move? Have you been lacking in confidence and fearful to be detected? Practice smiling. Think of everything you can ask people about themselves and jot down some notes. Check it out on a friend, a family member or a colleague that you hope. Think about those men and women who seem to have a smile and a word for many others. How do they make you feel? You can be like this too.

You can choose to be grumpy or you could select to cheer up and smile! Have you ever been putting off the smiles? By smiling, you will be releasing endorphins in your brain which will make you feel better (see above). You can even trick your brain into believing you are feeling by getting that grin on your face, good, even in the event that you don’t feel like it, however. Do it and you won’t have to fake it.

One of my favorite exercises is to get a ‘Smile Day’. By the minute I catch up I decided that I am going to smile at everyone I see. It doesn’t matter if I know them or not, I will still smile, and say’Hello’. It is wonderful how a lot of people would smile back. You do not get one in return, but most individuals are thrilled to return it. From the end of the day, I am much more happy and positive compared to when I began.

What makes you happy? What do you like doing? Where can you include more of this in your life?

Try and smile at least one stranger every day. This could be a struggle — but it is possible to do it!

Happiness comes from several sources, such as expressing ourselves creatively. What exactly are you going to do to express yourself? I’ve planned a whole day of crafting, as I have been putting that on the seat for a while. You do not have to commit.

A smile costs nothing, however, it brings the receiver great richness.