Race Teams And How They Manage To Build Together

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A great team gets built by asking your employees to join a cooking course in the city where individuals are allowed to participate as a part of a team. Many benefits can accrue from the team building activities Singapore provided by these cooking courses. Many people feel that cooking has no place in a team building exercise, and there are still a few myths to be cleared before you can make them see reason.

Some of them are:

Myth #1: The cooking team-building exercise has to take place outdoors to make it successful.

Fact: The primary objective of the team-building exercise is to bring people together so that they can understand, communicate and cooperate better within themselves. This can happen both inside a kitchen or out on the field. 

Myth #2: Cooking team building exercises are successful only when there is cohesion among the participants.

Fact: The idea of team building is to bring together people with different egos, different ways of thinking and expressions to a standard table so that they can share their thoughts with others quickly and without hesitation. The kitchen table is one such place where people pride themselves on being good cooks letting the others know how they prepared the meal leaving behind their egos, misunderstandings and frustrations behind.

Myth #3: Participants are required to be physically fit to participate in cooking team building exercises.

Fact: This is one of the myths which gets quickly trashed by cooking courses for team building. Nobody has to be physically fit to help in the cooking by the team in a kitchen. You only need some intelligence to understand what is going on and a will to help others achieve the goal of preparing an excellent dish.

Myth #4: Cooking team building activities can be costly

Fact: Cooking team building activities are the cheapest way to develop bonding, communication, and collaboration in a team. No extra cost is required to set up the location for holding the team building exercise as the kitchen where food is made every day is already there. Only a simple entry fee is required for each participant to take part in the course.

Myth #5: People have to be good cooks to make the cooking team building exercise a success.

Fact: People who are novices in the kitchen, team up with people who are experts in preparing the dishes set for them. The participants get exposed to new ideas in cooking while others can learn a lot from the masters when working cohesively as a team. By the time the course is over the novice becomes an expert and the expert gets a few more ideas to try out at home.

Myth #6: The urge to learn in a cooking team building exercise depends on success.

Fact: When the results are out after the cooking session is over the participants find out which team comprises of the best cooks. They are allowed to exchange notes to see what they had missed during the session and learn from their failures. The ones who have proven to be the best cooks learn how understanding, cooperation, collaboration, and communication can help them to attain the top position.